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This sector has 2 state-level technology centers, more than 20 municipal-level technology centers and key laboratories. The products such as high-end CNC gear machines, nuclear secondary pumps, centrifugal chilling unit for nuclear power, medium & large size hydraulic generators, medium & high pressure compressors, centrifuges, industrial fans, wind turbine blades and transformers, etc., are well known in both domestic and international market. CME sets benchmark in the above related fields and enjoy favorable domestic market share. It also possesses lots of China’s Top Brand and provides EPC service. CME is the mainstay of basic industries, industries of chemistry , environment protection, energy and urbanization.

This sector mainly provides communication and command system and equipment for special purpose, communication devices and system, nuclear radiation monitor and processing devices, as well as communication and control devices for rail transit, automotive electronics, ATM, smart gas meter etc. CME is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products ODM/OEM in Chongqing, a mainstay for the modernization of national defense. The self-developed communication and command system has reached world class level, playing a significant role in both military and civil markets.

This sector mainly provides general aircraft, heavy-duty vehicles, rail transit carriage, diesel engines, transmission, clutch, brake and steering systems, axle and suspension systems etc. These products take important position in China’s transport and engineering industries and are exporting globally. CME also serves as an important R&D and manufacturing base of transport equipment and components in China. Manufacturing and services of general aircraft, rail transit, heavy-duty vehicles and automotive spare parts are the core strength of transportation equipment in China.

This sector mainly provides wires and cables, bearings, fastening pieces, high-precision castings etc. CME has two China-famous brands: Pigeon wires and cables, and CJB Bearings. CME also possesses world’s most advanced production line for engine cylinder blocks and head, to produce high-precision thin wall castings. The various high-precision and reliable fastening pieces have been widely used in engineering machinery and automotive industry.

This sector mainly offers financial service, engineering consultancy, EPC, EMC, storage and TPL, architectural design and construction, gardening and property management, etc. It is supportive to CME’s key sectors, strategic new-emerging industries cultivation, traditional industries upgrading, innovation and development.

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