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Two Types of HPR1000 Pump Passed State Nuclear Power Experts Appraisal

作者:发布日期:2017-8-2 3:50:00关注:51170

HPR1000(Hua-long Pressurized Reactor)project is the pilot of China nuclear power industry to realize "go global" strategies. In July 27, medium-pressure safety injection pump and emergency boride pump of HPR1000, independently researched and developed by Chongqing Pump Industry Co.,Ltd.(CQPI), one of the subsidiaries of Chongqing Machinery Electrics(Group) Co.,Ltd. (CME),  has passed national appraisal of nuclear power experts group.

Appraisal Meeting

The research and development for medium-pressure safety injection pump is the most difficult part in HPR1000. Its characteristic requires little tolerance and high cavitation performance, which can run flat at small flow, while the head decreased rapidly at large flow. Besides, emergency boride pump adopts several knowledge patents with characteristics of small vibration, low noise and stable operation.

The experts group has unanimously agreed on the appraisal after they carried out site evaluation for running situation and index parameters of model machine, listened to summary report of CQPI and reviewed related technical documents,. The experts group has agreed that the research and development of medium-pressure safety injection pump and emergency boride pump of HPR1000 is successful, for the two types of pump have reached international advanced level and filling the domestic blank, with high social and economic interests.

Medium-pressure Safety Injection Pump

Site Evaluation Test

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